Eneco StukjeZon®

Develop a social campaign for Eneco’s StukjeZon┬« that can be linked to digital out-of-home, increasing awareness of this new proposition and putting Eneco’s solar energy on the map.


We devised a solar tour where we let an Eneco ice-cream truck drive powered by solar power through the Netherlands to hand out solar beams in the form of ice creams. You could follow the ice-cream truck’s location via social channels and digital out-of-home screens in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Finally, we also gave the ice cream truck away to one lucky winner of our social action, with the chance to make your party/wedding or other celebration even sunnier with the ice cream truck on location.

We handed out 11,200 sunbeams in the form of ice creams, received a flood of positive responses and increased positive sentiment around the Eneco brand on social.


  • Social Media Content
  • Video production


  • Film Director: Phong Huynh
  • Camera: Ahmed Barakat, Phong Huynh
  • Video editor: Phong Huynh
  • Production: Phong Huynh, Stephanie de Ruijter
  • Client: Anyone? Amsterdam

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