South African Live Dance Battle

Raise awareness of South Africa’s vibrant culture with a campaign that exudes positivity and humanity. The aim of the campaign is to get people to consider South Africa as a possible holiday destination.

South Africa’s best-kept secret is its people. You are overwhelmed by their warmth, hospitality and positive energy as a tourist. South African music and dance best bring this positive energy to life.

That’s why we organised a South African dance battle between two dance crews, which was broadcast live as a half-hour show on the Facebook page of media partner Metro. With Gwen van Poorten as host and South African dancer Precious as artistic director. Viewers voted in real-time for the winner of the battle.

In the run-up to the event, we shared content from the dance crews’ training sessions, featured interviews with the dancers in Metro and background articles on South African dance and music, and invited media and influencers to attend the battle.

After the battle, we challenged the Netherlands to dance the Gwara. The best entry won two tickets to South Africa.

The live show on Facebook reached 25,000 people at that moment and captivated them for minutes. 10% of them voted for a winner, and the response to the show on Facebook was highly positive. With the other video content around the dance battle, we reached another 1.5 million people. These short videos delivered 40% better viewing times than the benchmark.

The campaign was picked up by various bloggers and media.


  • Livestream
  • Digital support
  • Video production


  • Film Director: Quang Do
  • Camera: Ahmed Barakat, Phong Huynh, Jason Barnhoorn
  • Gaffer: Jan van Galen
  • Video editor: Phong Huynh
  • Technical support: Teun Vink
  • Vote system programmers: Phong Huynh, Quang Do
  • Production: Phong Huynh, Stephanie de Ruijter
  • Client: Anyone? Amsterdam